Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230V)

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Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 (230V)

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Unparalleled performance

The Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100 can provide continuous 3,500 W inverter power at 40 °C, and offers a peak power of 200%. Moreover, the Mass Combi Ultra comes with the most powerful battery charger in its class; with an unmatched 100 A at full charge voltage for the fast charging of the main battery.

Optimal battery usage

Based on Mastervolt’s many years of experience, the Mass Combi Ultra features a number of characteristics that ensure you get the most from your batteries in terms of maximum power and lifespan. Key examples include the pure, interference-free DC voltage that prevents unnecessary heating of the batteries and a low ‘no load’ current that guarantees every Ah is deployed in an optimal way.

Quiet operation

The Mass Combi Ultra provides a high yield that, combined with the Active Optima Cooling concept, ensures minimal use of the fan. The advanced thermal design offers an optimal performance when needed, and quiet operation when required. The Combi can provide up to 50% of the charging current or inverter capacity without fan cooling. This is perfect for night-time operation; when little power is consumed, the fan stops turning for silent operation. For maximum capacity requirements or when the ambient temperature is very high, the Active Optima Cooling concept regulates the fan speed in a linear way. This ensures that it never spins too fast or makes an irritating ticking noise.


Higher yield from solar power (available from November 2014 onwards)

On the DC side the Mass Combi Ultra has interesting features such as the solar input and the independent second charger output. Mastervolt has leveraged on the knowledge gained in the grid-connected solar sector to make a super-efficient built-in MPPT solar charge regulator. Compared to most regulators on the market, the MPPT offers a far higher yield from solar power for charging your batteries.

Two AC inputs

The Mass Combi Ultra has two separate AC inputs for generator or mains supply, both adjusted to the specific characteristics of each power source. Thanks to the ultra-fast controls, transfer to and from the inverter is seamless, preventing any flickering in the lights or the unintentional powering down of sensitive devices.

Parallel and 3-phase operation

The Mass Combi Ultra functionality goes beyond stand-alone operation: the design allows parallel and 3-phase operation for larger applications up to 35 kW.

Separate second charger

All Mass Combi Ultras have an integrated second charger which (in most cases) can charge both 12 V and 24 V batteries; a practical function that simplifies installation and reduces costs for the end user.

Home comforts

The Mass Combi Ultra features separate AC outputs. One is permanently powered to supply critical loads such as refrigerators and audio systems. The other output is for non-preferential loads including water heaters that can be switched off automatically at any desired setting, always to the benefit of the critical loads.

Ease of installation

The carefully designed connections were optimised for installers. Installation and connection have been made quick and easy via a logic layout, solid terminals and by removing the need for cable glands.


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