Battery Charger ChargeMaster 12/25-3

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Battery Charger ChargeMaster 12/25-3

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Mastervolt Ladegerät 12V 25Amp ChargeMaster

This charger is part of the new range of battery chargers from mastervolt (CargeMaster 25A, 35A, 50A, 70A, 100A ). They are a fantastic entry level charger and ideal for use on leisure boats with smaller battery banks. However, to summarise, the whole idea of these chargers is that they are well priced, easy to fit, will operate on a range of marine electrical systems. Please find all the technical information detailed below.


Input voltage:                                                     230/120 V (90-265 V), 50/60 Hz

Charging current:                                               25 amps

Number of outputs:                                             3

2. & 3. charging output:                                      25 amps

Recommended Battery Capacity:                      50 - 250 Ah

Charge characteristic:                                       IUoUo three stages

Bulk charging voltage (25 ° C):                            14,4V

Charging voltage of absorption (25 ° C):             14,25V

Float charging voltage - Gel / AGM (25 ° C):       13,8V

Float charging voltage - acid (25 ° C):                 13,25V

Temperature compensation:                                Yes 30 mV / ° C

Degree of protection:                                            IP23

Operating temperature:                                        -25 ° C to 60 ° C

Maximum Humidity:                                              up to 95%, non-condensing

Dimensions hxwxd:                                              124 x 132 x 60mm

Weight:                                                                 1.8 kg

MasterBus Compatibility:                                     Yes

Approvals:                                                           CE, ABYC A-31, SAE J1171/ISO8846 ignition protected



Special development for intensive use

3 battery outputs

Battery temperature sensor is standard

Light and small model

100% performance

Corrosion resistant aluminum housing

Internal DC connections, 2mtr AC wire

Suitable for GMDSS

Parallel connection for higher power output possible

Three-step charging method

No gassing of the battery

Charge of gel, AGM, wet cell batteries, lithium ion and Nicel Catamium

Easy to mount

Intelligent cooling system

Several remote panels are available


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