Suburban Water Heater SW12D Gas/electric

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Suburban Water Heater SW12DE

TheThe Suburban LP gas Water Heaters are known for their porcelain-lined steel tank and foam insulation that provides for long life. The high-recovery 12,000 BTU/hour units have a large diameter drain and replaceable anode rod.  Heated water corrodes most metals, but the porcelain-lined steel tank features a replaceable anode rod that absorbs the destructive, corrosive action of heated water, ensuring that the entire system lasts longer. The anode rod is attached to the drain plug for easy replacement. The 12-gallon LP gas units have 14,000 btu/hr input and an efficient recovery rate of 12.2 gallons/hour. Direct Spark or pilot ignition models offer an optional electric element to recover an additional 6 gallons/hour at the camposite.

The door is not inloud the boiler. The door is sold seperatly.


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